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About Us

Breathing Space Consulting was formed by Jodi Carter in 2006 to help busy individuals and families create harmony in their homes through a process of de-clutter and design.

Jodi writes:

"When I was a little girl, my favourite day was Sunday … because that’s when I could organize the spice cupboard for my Mom. I was born to organize. While my friends were out playing Kick the Can, I stayed inside so I could sort the cans in the pantry. As I got older, I needed greater challenges. Eventually, my friends starting opening up their cupboards to me so I could satisfy my passion. Soon, I was regularly organizing garage sales and donation drives … so that old jackets would end up with the homeless and old blankets would get to the SPCA.

My passion was carried into my professional life. My desk, my file cabinets, my workflow and my department were always the most organized in the company.

And now, I have decided to leverage my passion and experience to create a business that has a direct positive impact on other people’s lives.

Most of us have everything we want. We have lots of things. But, perhaps what we really need is less things.

I believe we need to make space for what matters most.

I believe clutter is stuck energy. Many people have clutter in their lives and don’t realize that it affects them both physically and emotionally. We all need breathing space.

My mission is to create a home environment free of the stress caused by clutter and chaos.

In addition to providing practical solutions for busy individuals and families to create harmony in their lives, I also de-clutter and design using principles of Feng Shui, which creates constructive energy in your space, and, in turn, your body.

An organized home will save you time, energy and money.
Let it go, let it flow.

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